Pink Lemonade

$ 5.00

 Has life been giving you lemons? Ditch the frown and trade them in for a delicious cup of our Pink Lemonade green tea. This tea is one that’s sure to please everyone all year long. Brew it hot for a comforting, aromatic, and soothing cup in winter - or brew it cold in summer and be reminded of all things bright, cheery, and delicious. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even freeze your leftovers to use as ice cubes, adding a burst of flavor to any beverage.

This tea is caffeine free.

Brewing Suggestions

1½ tsp. tea

8 oz. boiling (212°) water

Steep for 3- 5 minutes

Ingredients: Green Tea, Freeze-Dried Strawberries, Lemon Peel, Hibiscus, Sunflower Petals, N/A Flavor.

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