Fall Care Package

$ 20.00

Whether it’s a special occasion, a pick me up or just because you want to make someone smile, we all need a little care. Send a thoughtful and environmentally friendly care package.

Our Fall Care Package includes:

9 Tea bags

   -3 Autumn Berry

   -3 Hot Nuts

   -3 Chamomile

Reclaimed Tea mug

   -We hand select these mugs at our local resale shop.  We love the idea of being more green and helping repurpose instead of seeing great items heading to a landfill. In our selection process, we only choose mugs that are perfect and perhaps with a dash of whimsy or humor. 

Inspirational 4” x 6” photo post card

 Treats such as

   -Milano Cookies

   -Biscoff tea biscuits

   -Swizzle sugar stick

4 Note Cards with envelopes

Sugar Packets

Each gift box will also come with:
-A personalized message from you

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