Pumpkin Pie

$ 5.00

This is the quintessential Fall Tea.  Picture yourself enjoying a warm mug while viewing the splendor of fall foliage.  An autumnal blend of pumpkin pieces, fall spices, a dash of cream, and candied peanuts with organic honeybush & rooibos tea provide the perfect seasonal dessert tea that is wonderful  by itself or with a dash of cream and/or milk.

This tea is caffeine free.

Brewing Suggestions

1½ tsp. tea

8 oz. boiling (212°) water

Steep for 5 minutes


rooibos, honeybush, buckwheat (contains no wheat), caramel, toasted rice, ginger, flavors (made with nuts), mace, cinnamon, pumpkin seeds, pumpkin flakes, sweet potato, nutmeg, stevia, crisped rice, chicory

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