Peppermint Patty

$ 5.00

When you've had one of those days and are about to dive head first into a box of Junior Mints, stop and remember just how many calories you're about to chow down.  Brew yourself a cup of our delicious Peppermint Patty tea instead! Chocolate and mint are definitely an iconic combination, and we bring this popular flavor to you in a fantastic green tea base. This tea really does taste just like a peppermint patty, and we know you'll love it.  It just might become your favorite.

This tea has caffeine 


Brewing Suggestions

1½ tsp. tea

8 oz. almost boiling (170°-180°) water

Steep for 1-2 minutes


Ingredients: green tea, cocoa nibs, natural chocolate mint flavor and peppermint leaves

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