Winter, love it or... January 04 2017, 0 Comments

Don’t you just love this time of year? 
Temperatures plummet, the days become short and dark, outside feels like a frozen tundra, your car looks like a frozen pop, your kids are getting cabin fever, your spouse forgot to turn the central heating on last night and now the toilet seat is like sitting on an ice block, and having to shovel two-feet of snow off your driveway is going to make you late for work . . .
It’s the kind of weather that makes you want to do bad things to people.
Especially that neighbor who keeps saying, ‘Happy Holidays!’
Every frickin’ time he sees you. 
Sure, choking him would make you feel good, but if you’d prefer to stay out of prison in 2017, we suggest you try having a relaxing cup of tea instead. It’ll make you feel better, without requiring a court appearance.
And the Angry Tea Room has two teas that are just perfect for the trying times ahead.

The first in Winter Wonderland:


it’s an aromatic white tea that blends the spicy aromas of bergamot and cardamom, with the nuttiness of almonds, as well as a hint of vanilla.  Perfect for curling up in front of the fireplace with . . . and thinking happy thoughts.


The other tea is a bright, merry blend called Winter Berry.

It’s a fruit tea with big strawberry pieces and star anise that combine to make a spicy cornucopia of flavor. It’ll have you dreaming of mulled wine and festive cheer . . . and take your mind off ‘losing your shit’ with all those annoying morons out there.

And in our effort to help promote world peace (or at least peace in your neighborhood), we’re offering 25% off the listed price of these two amazing teas for this month only.

 Pick one or both of these fantastic teas, and enter the promo code: winter sucks at check out to receive these special offers.

Once again, it’s only valid for this month.
Until next time, 
Drink tea. 
It’s nice . . . even if you aren’t.