About Us


The question we get asked most is, “What’s with the name?” Our answer? When life pisses you off, that’s the best time to break out the vodka. But let’s be honest… sometimes you just can’t hit the bottle when you want to. But it’s ALWAYS time for a soothing cup of tea!

We are tea lovers. We’ve been there, done that, and have gotten pretty angry along the way. We’ve had jobs. We’ve had spouses. We’ve had kids. You know that all of them make you a total loon at some point until you can’t keep it bottled up any more and you start slamming a kid’s plastic golf club on the front stairs screaming at the top of your lungs, “I HAVE HAD IT!!” **

Our motto: We Understand.

But you know what made us even angrier? Bags of bitter supermarket tea or hiking to the mall to spend big bucks at the trendy tea store (you know which one we mean). Soon enough we discovered that our tea-loving friends were feeling the same discontentment.

So with a mood and an idea, The Angry Tea Room was born. When people realized that they didn’t have to take out a small loan to buy quality tea, we became a local hit. Soon enough word began to spread, and we started making deliveries a bit outside of our local area. Then one day we received our first out-of-state order… and a business was created!

So we invite you to join us in The Angry Tea Room for your favorite tea and some sympathy. Tea is a 10-minute vacation that gets you ready for the next adventure that life throws your way.


** A true story. Perhaps we'll share it someday.